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User Agreement

I agree to processing of my personal data. By this, I, acting on my own will and in my own interest, when placing ( entering) my personal data onto the Internet site neocor.ru of the Close joint stock company “ NeoCor” (INN 4205026550, ОGRN 1024200695991, hereinafter Operator) confirm my consent to processing of the personal data presented by me to the Operator with the purpose of offering to me of the said products and services by the Operator, with the purpose of conducting surveys, questionnaire surveys, marketing and advertising studies relating to the products sold by the Operator, including direct contact with me through communication means stated by me at the said site. The said right ( consent) is granted for execution of any actions relating to my personal data, which are required and desirable for reaching the above purposes , including without limitations collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, updating ( change), use, transfer, depersonalization, blocking and cancellation of the personal data, involving all data stated by me at the said site.

By this I confirm that I am notified that the Operator performs processing of personal data by all means including use of the means of automation (among them software), and without them ( using different material carriers, including paper carriers).
CJSC NeoCor, OGRN 1024200695991, address: 6 Sosnovy boulevard, Kemerovo, 650002, Russia