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Our history

Since the 1970s, researchers lead by Russian Academy of Sciences member, Leonid Barbarash, have been designing biological substitutes for cardiovascular surgery in Kuzbass region. The very first heart valve replacement procedure with an in-house bioprosthesis was performed by Kuzbass cardiac surgeons in 1978.

In 1982, a specialized heart valves and blood vessels bioprostheses production lab was established in Kemerovo. It soon started supplying its products to Russian cardiac surgery clinics.

In 1990, the lab was turned into a structural unit of Kemerovo cardiology health centre. Research and development help the lab experts to design and start full-scale production not only of conventional biological valves, but also of completely new ones, treated with a substance belonging to a different chemical class. The new preservative prevented calcification of the prosthesis and expanded indications for procedures: the surgeons started treating younger patients.

In 1995, a biotechnological research and production department is established in Kemerovo cardiac health centre. It combines a bioprostheses production lab and a R&D test lab, dedicated to solving urgent cardiac surgery and cardiology problems. This tandem significantly reduces the time of new products and technologies introduction into production and clinical practice.

In 1999, the animal tissue preservation technology, developed in Kuzbass region, sparked great interest among foreign cardiac surgeons and was honoured with the prestigious Walton Lillehei award, who was a pioneer in open-heart surgery. 

In 2002, the biological valve prostheses lab was transformed into CJSC " NeoCor".

In 2009, the Research Institute for Complex Issues of Cardiovascular Diseases, included into the Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, was established as a spin-off from" the R&D test lab.

Today, cooperation with Research Institute for Complex Issues of Cardiovascular Diseases, (Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences) empowers the company to develop innovative medical devices and improve marketed bioprostheses.

CJSC NeoCor, OGRN 1024200695991, address: 6 Sosnovy boulevard, Kemerovo, 650002, Russia