Tricuspid Ring

Biological Tricuspid Valve Annuloplasty Ring

 Трикуспидальное кольцо

Accessible and effective substitution for suture triscupid valve annuloplasty. Feature configuration and a specific curve ensure folding of all tricuspid valve leaflets while bypassing bundle of His conduction system. The ring has been used in clinical practice since 2006.

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Tricuspid Ring - biologic ring, designed for affected native heart valves reconstructive surgery.


  • Ring stent features superelastic shape-memory material (Nitinol). The stent is covered with xenopericardium, preserved with epoxy compound.
  • Radio-opaque stent material facilitates ring position and shape control in the long view.
  • Xenopericardium coating endothelializes completely in recipient's body. Consequently an integrated system is developed, comprising the implant and tricuspid valve annulus. This provides consistent long-term results of valve proper obturation restoration.
  • Additional xenopericardium cover antibacterial treatment further enhances clinical benefit in case of use in the setting of infective endocarditis.
Biological Tissue Treatment

Additional Treatment

Antithrombotic treatment. Performed if relevant treatment method was specified in the order.
(Article: The new generation of heart valve bioprostheses with high thromboresistance and antibacterial activity)

Bioprostheses are treated with heparin to reduce the risk of clot formation.

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Tricuspidal Annuloplasty Ring Models:

Reference No (REF)

А, mm

В, mm


41.3 29.3


43.3 31.3


45.3 33.3


47.3 35.3

                              Трикуспидальное кольцо размеры


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