NeoCor applies dedicated software to control the management system procedures and to achieve the following goals:

Achieving end-to-end process traceability

For example, simplifying the traceability of initiated preventive and corrective actions prior to the project management stage helps our employees focus on business processes enhancement.

Automation of QC

We integrate quality and risk management into design and development processes right at their start. Ensuring traceability of a marketed product: from the raw material to the implant recipient, it is made possible only with the use of automation of QC processes.

Applying best ISO practices

We believe that medical devices manufacturer can only apply the best ISO practices if it employs dedicated software allowing to configure each stage of the process in a timely manner.

Ehnancing interaction between team members

We interact and coordinate various issues and documents right from our workplaces. Thus any unnecessary meetings, e-mails and other interactions are avoided.

NeoCor applies dedicated software in the following processes of the Quality Management System:

1)Design and development of medical devices

2) Device life cycle management. Creation and update of the design dossier and technical file for the device

3) Production planning, QC and manufacture

4) Ensuring an appropriate production environment and monitoring its parameters

5) Procurement and inventory management

6) Sales and feedback

7) Marketing finished products

8) Conducting postmarket clinical follow-up and electronic data collection therein

9) Quality Management System document control

10) Project management

11) Equipment maintenance and repair management

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